Configuration Optionally select a horizontal or vertical sliding animation
  • Vertical Items are animated and aligned in a column
  • Horizontal Items are animated and aligned in a row

Responsiveness is handled by the animation script
Visible items The number of logos to show at a time
Note In horizontal configuration, leave blank to show as many contact cards as possible in the module container. The vertical configuration requires a number
Move at once The number of logos to move at a time
Arrows Add arrows
  • Around The arrows are at top and bottom (when in vertical configuration) or left and right (when in horizontal configuration)
  • Under The arrows show under the logos
Style Use the default style, or, if the site template is Bootstrap-based (v2 or v3), use the Bootstrap skinning
Bootstrap sizes The sizes, as defined by Bootstrap (all but large)
Note Bootstrap v3 does not have the 'mini' size
Arrow size (em) The size of the arrows (arrows are fonts, so the size is in em) when using the default style
Arrow offset (px) The distance from the logos (in horizontal configuration, will offset the arrows from the top of the module. Otherwise, will add space between cards and arrows)
Pages Include pages to the pagination (only when arrows are below the items).
Not suitable for a high number of items
Auto Starts the animation automatically or waits for user interaction
Speed (ms) The time spent animating (in milli-seconds)
Duration (ms) The time between 2 moves (in milli-seconds)

Important Horizontal animation works in 'list' mode IF AND ONLY IF the overall width is set