Pro v4+

Some elements are displayed through layouts, allowing overrides.
These layouts are created for:

  • the blog views category index (lnepcategoryindex.php and lnepk2categoryindex.php),
  • the blog views tag index (lneptagindex.php and lnepk2tagindex.php),
  • New v4.7 the blog views search/clear fields (lnepsearch.php),
  • New v4.8 the modals (lnepmodal.php),
  • the blog views print icon (lnepicons.php),
  • the views and module item's details (lnep_detail_hits.php, ...),
  • the views and module item's details for Joomla 3.7+ custom fields (lnep_detail_jfield_generic.php, lnep_detail_jfield_calendar.php, ...),
  • the views and module item's details for K2 extra fields (lnep_detail_k2field_generic.php, lnep_detail_k2field_date.php, ...).
  • New v4.9 the heads of type video (lnep_head_video_dailymotion.php, ...),

You can find those layouts under components/com_latestnewsenhancedpro/layouts.

As best practice, it is recommended to create overrides of those files rather than update them. That way, the next component update won't dismiss the changes you have made.

Starting with v4.6

Joomla 3.2+ Go to the layouts section of your template's Create overrides tab, select the com_latestnewsenhancedpro extension and then click on the desired layout folder.


Holds the modal and icons layouts.


Holds all information details (defaults, custom fields and K2 extra fields).

New v4.9 Heads

Holds all video types that represent the head of an item


Contains all the pagination-related layouts (category and tag index).

Tip When clicking on a folder, all layouts are copied over to the [current_template]/html/layouts/com_latestnewsenhancedpro template folder. This happens even if you just want to only change one layout. Only keep the layouts overrides that need modifications. Delete all other layouts. This will help you down the road for maintenance (you will know that the files present have been modified for sure).

Warning If you have created layout overrides in versions prior to Latest News Enhanced Pro v4.6, you need to manually create the folders content, details and/or pagination and move your files in their respective folder.
Your overrides will not be taken into account until then.

Joomla 3.1 Copy the layout that needs to be modified to [current_template]/html/layouts/[content|details|pagination] without including the name of the extension.

Prior to v4.6

In order to create an override, copy the layout that needs to be modified to:

Joomla 3.2+ [current_template]/html/layouts/com_latestnewsenhancedpro

Joomla 3.1 [current_template]/html/layouts

The layout override(s) you have created and modified will have precedence over the default component one.