Before updating, make sure you read the change logs and are aware of potential backward compatibility issues.

Migrating jQuery Easy Profiles to v3.x from v2.x

The extension is now packaged as a component, with a brand new dashboard packed with information.

Migrating jQuery Easy to v2.x from v1.x

Other than the revamped user interface, there have been a few fixes that may affect your page's output.

1 Some regular expressions would not take into account the - and instead would mistakenly refer to it as the range indicator.

What does it imply practically? Some scripts or stylesheets may get removed, while they were not removed before the update.

For instance, the script /js/sub-directory/jquery.js was not removed in v1.x. It is now removed in v2.x.

2 The stripping of scripts and stylesheets (options strip remaining...) is now independent from the jQuery fixes, allowing you to use those options even though no fixes are made on a page.