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Article Details

Article Details

Override article information details and show them the way YOU want.


Please make sure you read the following explanations before accessing the download links you can find at the bottom of this page.

Before enabling the plugin

Before enabling the plugin

After the plugin has been enabled and configured

After enabling the plugin

Version 2.0 Compatible Joomla v2.5Compatible Joomla v3




  • choose which categories can be altered by the plugin,
  • modify the article, blog/list and featured views,
  • choose which elements to show (hits, author, rating, dates, times, categories, keywords, tags...),
  • use plain text to create elaborate combinations of elements,
  • use publish down dates to use standard articles as events,
  • link keywords for immediate search results,
  • add an optional calendar representation,
  • override the CSS for display,
  • use on a multi-language site,
  • and more...

Version 3.0 Compatible Joomla v3.1 and over


EnglishFrenchPortuguese (Brazil)Spanish

Additional Features

  • use the plugin's syntax to individually target articles,
  • use even more information detail types: email, print and jcomments count,
  • use article options to control what information is show in the end,
  • show the vote form alongside the sharing type,
  • override the CSS for print,
  • cache the stylesheets for better performance.


Please check the documentation for the version you are interested in.

Demonstration site

Check the demo site for some live examples.

Joomla! Extensions Directory

If you have found this module useful to you, please post a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

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SYW Extension LibraryThe Simplify Your Web library is required for this plugin.
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The following version will not be supported under Joomla! v3.5 and over
For support under Joomla! v3.5 and over, please download the latest version of Article Details v3.
Test the migration before going 'live'.
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