• jQuery Easy Profiles

    jQuery Easy Profiles

    Expand the power of the jQuery Easy plugin with multi-configurations capabilities.
    Fine-tune your website with this highly flexible software package.


    BuyLicenses starting at $9,95-TryTry jQuery Easy


  • Trombinoscope Extended

    Trombinoscope Extended

    Present your contacts in a professional way. The next generation of the component is here and is a must-have complement to the Joomla! Contact Manager.


    BuyLicenses start at $29,95-TryTry before you buy


  • Thank you

    Thank you

    Thank you for electing the jQuery Easy plugin among the JED's community choice extensions for September 2013.
    Your support is appreciated.


  • Truly Responsive Slider

    Truly Responsive Slider

    Specifically created for the responsive web designs in mind. Use the power of Joomla! to create sophisticated slideshows.


    BuyLicenses start at $9,95-TryTry before you buy


  • Latest News Enhanced Extended

    Latest News Enhanced Extended

    This all-in-one news module showcases your latest, featured, popular, random or even future article snippets.
    Using out-of-the-box styles, animations and calendar views, present your information the way you want it.


    BuyStarting at $19,95-TryTry Latest News Enhanced

  • Bare Template 960 Responsive

    Bare Template 960 Responsive

    Jumpstart your website development with this responsive template and fulfill your design requirements.


    BuyLicenses start at $9,95-


    Try the template from the demo site.

jQuery EasyjQuery Easy Profiles

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  • Sun 12 Jul  

    jQuery Easy Profiles

    v1.1.0 - Update release. Less intrusive site diagnosis, better documentation. 
    More info here...
  • Wed 8 Jul  

    jQuery Easy

    v1.6.0 - Update release - Better error reporting, updated documentation. 
    Download here...
  • Wed 8 Jul  

    Bare Template 960 Responsive

    v1.1.2/v1.2.0 Update release. Now with multi-level menus support. 
    More information here
  • Fri 3 Jul  

    jQuery Easy Profiles

    v1.0.3 - Update release. Improve your page loading time!
    More info here...
  • Fri 19 Jun  

    Latest News Enhanced Extended

    v2.0.2 - Focus on bug fixes and performance/memory consumption. jComments integration. 
    More info here...
  • Fri 19 Jun  

    Trombinoscope Extended

    v2.2.2 - Bug release. Router improvements. 
    Download here...
  • Thu 4 Jun  

    Trombinoscope Extended

    v2.2.1 - Bug release. Focus on router, pagination, smart search and K2 conflicts. 
    Download here...
  • Sat 23 May  

    Free extensions

    All free extensions (except jQuery Easy) are removed form the JED but are still available on this site for a limited time.
  • Sun 12 Apr  

    SimplifyYourWeb Library

    v1.2.3 - Update release
    Download here...

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