Trombinoscope Extended

Trombinoscope Extended is a component that shows a list of contacts in a grid-like fashion. It uses the contacts created in the standard Joomla! contact component.

The component is composed of menu items, a module (Trombinoscope) and a set of plugins. The licenses apply to the whole package. Check the free documentation for detailed information.


Please make sure you read the following explanations before accessing the download links you can find at the bottom of this page.

Version 1.5




  • select contacts by categories, tags (Joomla 3.1+), keywords to create grid-like pages of contacts,
  • select the way the contacts are represented through themes and modify the style to your liking,
  • format the name, choose a sort order,
  • show contact information (every single field available, including links a..e) in 2 possible ways (plain text or just icon link),
  • show those fields with or without labels or icons, decide the visibility access (public, registered...)
  • format addresses,
  • choose to link the contacts to open in the specific standard Joomla contact page,
  • add pagination, alphabetic, category and tags index for menu items,
  • add print and search capabilities,
  • use a default picture if the contact has none, or show no photo at all,
  • crop and filter the pictures (grayscale...),
  • use links a..e to link to social pages like Facebook, the icons are automatically selected,
  • download the vcards directly from the grid,
  • obfuscate the email addresses to hide them from spambots,
  • edit the contacts on the public side of a site through the user profile,
  • use the module to show a specific contact, the logged-in user or related contacts to the one showing in contact view,
  • import contacts through CSV,
  • make the grid responsive, paysage-style cards turn into portrait-mode when too small,
  • use the internationalization capabilities,
  • support for IE7+ in Joomla 2.5 and 3.


Please check the documentation.


Demonstration site and more

Check the demo site (here too) for some examples.
To find out how easy it is to create a contact grid, read this hands-on article Using Trombinoscope Extended: an example.

Version 2.1



Added features

  • create contact views in 2 possible layouts (columns or tabs),
  • use additional fields that are available throughout the extension (gender, birthdate, map, company, department, Facebook, LinkedIn... and many more),
  • download vcards that target personal or business profiles, more complete than the original vcard downloads proposed by Joomla and language-friendly,
  • link emails directly to a contact's form,
  • give a specific look to the social icons,
  • use CSS3 hover effects on pictures and linked fields,
  • play with more styling options,
  • link addresses with a Google map URL,
  • use phone numbers made touchable on mobile devices to directly call a contact,
  • use carousel capabilities for the module (module now free to try),
  • support for IE8+ in Joomla 3.1+...


Please check the documentation.



Demonstration site

Check the demo site for some live examples.

Try free

Try the module v2.1 for free and get an idea of what the extension can do for you!

Joomla! Extensions Directory

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