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Truly Responsive Slider

Truly Responsive Slider may be yet another slider for Joomla! but it specifically targets websites that are responsive in design.

Not only it resizes itself, taking the full potential of the well-known jQuery-built Flexslider (and more!), but it will handle different image sizes depending on devices viewports for faster page loading (using the ResponsiveImg jQuery plugin).

Choose from different slider styles and create slides from different sources (just a regular directory of images, Joomla! standard articles or K2 items).

Show sophisticated captions that can be viewed no matter the device.





Please make sure you read the following explanations before accessing the download links you can find at the bottom of this page.

Basic Options

Basic Parameters

  • Data Source: select the data source the slider will be created from (an image directory, Joomla! articles or K2 items)
  • Slider: basic, with auto-resize thumbnails, with carousel, with auto-hide carousel
  • Max width: the width in pixels the slider should not go over. Leave blank to make the slider re-size itself in its container
  • Border width: the border for the slider in pixels
  • Arrow style: the arrows to use for navigation. Adjust the arrow styles according to the kind of images used
  • Custom arrows: the image to use for custom arrows


  • Top/right/bottom/left margin: the margin applied to the caption's container inside the slide (in percentages) for all caption positions
  • Text padding: the padding of the text (in percentages) inside the caption's container
  • Background opacity: the opacity of the caption's background
  • Background color: the color of the caption's background
  • Default position: the position applied to the caption inside the caption's container

Slider Specific

  • (basic) Navigation: show the navigation on top or under the slides
  • (auto-hide) Current tab color: the color of the tab for the current slide
  • (auto-hide) Other tabs color: the color of the tabs for all but the current slide

Source: Images

Source: Images Parameters

  • Image directory: the directory where are stored the images for the slideshow
  • Alt attributes: the alt attributes for each image
  • Captions: the captions for the images (html inline tags are allowed)
  • Sort: the way to sort images (either by name or modified date)

Source: Articles

Source: Articles Parameters

  • Categories: select the Joomla! standard categories the articles are from (multiple select)
  • K2 Categories: select the K2 categories the articles are from (multiple select)
  • Tags: support to Joomla! 3.1+ tags (K2 tag support coming soon)
  • Sub-categories: automatically selects the next level or all levels of a category
  • Exclude IDs: exclude articles from the list of selected ones
  • Include IDs: include only these articles
  • Max count: the max number of articles that will show (nothing will show all articles found)
  • Category order: the order of the categories
  • Order: the order in which the slides will be presented
  • Featured articles: whether to show featured articles or not. Have them show first or be the only ones
  • Category tag: modify the category HTML header tag
  • Title tag: modify the article title HTML header tag

Slide Image Options

Slide Image Parameters

  • Image width: the width of the original slide (images found to create the slide will be cropped if not of the this width)
  • Image height: the height of the original slide (images found to create the slide will be cropped if not of the this height)

Responsive Images

  • Use breakpoints: use different image sizes for each slide when the slider is viewed on smaller devices (mobile phones or tablets)
  • Breakpoints 1,2 and 3: set 3 different image sizes to accommodate different devices (pixel ratio is taken into account for retina displays)

Thumbnail Options

Thumbnail Parameters

  • Thumbnail width: the width in pixels of the thumbnails used for the carousel
  • Thumbnail height: the height in pixels of the thumbnails used for the carousel
  • Crop pictures: crops the pictures if in the wrong width/height ration
  • Quality .jpg: the compression for the .jpg image (0..100)
  • Quality .png: The compression for the .png image (0..9)

Slide Image/Thumbnail Options

Slide Images and Thumbnail Parameters

  • Images cache path: the temporary path for the thumbnails created
  • Reset pictures: whether to re-create the image thumbnails every time the page is loaded or not

Animation Options

Animation Parameters

  • Animation: the kind of animation to apply to the slides (fade or slide)
  • Direction: the way the slides disappear when sliding (horizontally or vertically)
  • Automatic Start: starts the animation automatically or waits for user interaction
  • Pause over: pauses the animations on mouse over (when available)
  • Loop: returns to the first slide after all slides have been run through
  • Speed: the time spent by the animation of the slide (ms)
  • Interval: the time between 2 slides (ms)

Advanced Options

Advanced Parameters

  • CSS overrides: add specific slider CSS properties
  • Load jQuery: load the library if none is present already
  • jQuery Version: the version to load
  • Class Suffix: the module's container class suffix
  • Caching: whether to cache the data or not
  • Cache Time: the cache life span

Demonstration site

Check the demo site for some live examples.

Joomla! Extensions Directory

If you have found this module useful to you, please post a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

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