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Since the plugin has been available online, many issues were presented to me and frankly, some websites can become a real mess when so many extensions use there own jQuery code. Forget about jQuery and MooTools conflicts! jQuery conflicts alone are mostly taking websites down to their knees. 
Here is a case study I wanted to share, as I was researching the best way to correct such a mess, with the help of the jQuery Easy plugin. In this study, we will handle jQuery/MooTools conflicts and allow 2 jQuery extensions to use their own variables.

Over the past few months, a large number of users have asked my help in finding out what was wrong with their website, even after installing the jQuery Easy plugin.

In this article, I will try and address ways of fixing these issues, with the help of the plugin.

There is an alternative to code jQuery library calls into a Joomla! template or into the Joomla! core. Nowadays, there is a pletora of jQuery plugins available in the Joomla! Extensions Directory that can help ease the process.

Although the two libraries MooTools and jQuery can co-exist together, one problem remains as more and more such extensions are made available: each module, plugin, component or even template can come with its own version of jQuery. This can result in bloated loads of javascript libraries, can slow down the performance of your web site (because of a heavy resource consumption) and even create conflicts.


The library MooTools has been chosen by the Joomla! development team as its javascript framework by default. That decision was made years ago, when just a few libraries were available and the web 2.0 hype started to heat up. MooTools is now part of the project and is essential to run Joomla!.

As years have passed, jQuery has become one strong contender in the framework world and more and more developers choose it in the creation of extensions for Joomla!.